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  • Time of issue:2020-05-20 00:00:00
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Shanghai Zhentai Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai City, the industrial park of science and technology. The company was founded in the spring of 1993, is a member of Chinese Vacuum Society and the Shanghai Vacuum Society governing units, is the science and technology production enterprise specializing in the research and capacitance diaphragm vacuum measurement technology. In recent years, the company continued expansion of the scale, scientific research and development ability unceasingly strengthens, process, test production line has been gradually perfected and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, is the continued USA M.K.S Germany LEYBOLD world famous companies has developed capacitance diaphragm vacuum measurement technology manufacturers of A.

CPCA series capacitor film company production of absolute pressure transmitter, won the two prize of technology progress of the Ministry of nuclear industry, and become the designated supplier. The products with its excellent performance, good reputation, won the broad market. And exported to American, Russia, Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries.

Shanghai too advocate science and technology, advocating quality, its domestic vacuum instrument quality and technology and similar products. Committed to the preferential price and high performance products, give users a quick and thoughtful value-added services, is the purpose of Shanghai too. We sincerely hope, Shanghai too with friends from various circles at home and abroad to further strengthen cooperation, to achieve the "create a national brand, catch the world first-class" long cherished wish, together!




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